India Civil Watch International (ICWI) is a membership based civil rights monitoring and campaign group based out of North America. Our focus is in equal parts on the political crisis unfolding in India and on the forces in North America that support the growth of supremacist and exploitative politics in India and in our communities here. ICWI brings together multiple diasporic movement formations with histories that date to over two decades and many campaigns. 
We are currently going through an internal reorganization and scale up and everything including this website is undergoing drastic reorganization 🙂

ICWI is committed to

  • Upholding the democratic rights of all peoples in India.
  • Investigating and documenting the violations of these rights
  • Analyzing how such rights are impacted by national and international events and policies
  • Highlighting people’s resistance to gender inequality, caste oppression, majoritarian violence, economic inequality, and state repression
  • Mobilizing public opinion in the U.S. Indian diaspora towards addressing these violations.