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About ICWI Members

 Who can be a member of ICWI and what are the guidelines for defining a member in good standing?

ICWI members are expected to be :

  1. Aligned and committed to ICWI mission, vision, and values including strong convictions against discriminations and all atrocities based on racial, class, caste, religion and sexual identity
  2. Committed to a non-sectarian, anti-caste and anti-communal ethic
  3. Grounded with a high degree of integrity, transparency, and collaborative ability
  4. Invested in building a Dalit-Bahujan- Adivasi-Religious Minorities-Left unity within ICWI and through alliance with other organizations


We encourage members to:

  1. Participate in the General Body Meetings. ICWI will have at least one General Body Meeting every calendar year
  2. Engage and contribute consistently to at least one ICWI Working Group or campaign
  3. Commit to working actively to meet the goals and objectives of the organization
  4. Pay annual dues as specified at the annual General Body Meeting