Academics Demand Dropping Charges Against Teltumbde, Other Activists

Over 600 signatories from major universities in North America and Europe have asked the government to stop the “witch-hunt”.

New Delhi: Over 600 international scholars, from major universities in North America, Europe – including Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, Chicago, Penn, Cornell, MIT to Oxford, and the London School of Economics – have signed a statement of support for Anand Teltumbde, and urged the governments of India and Maharashtra to bring the “witch-hunt” to an immediate halt.

Leading American and European academics have signed the statement, expressing deep outrage at the “blatant misuse” of the law to persecute Teltumbde. Signatories include Elizabeth Woods of Yale, Cornel West and Doris Sommer of Harvard, Robin Kelley and Eric Sheppard of UCLA, Mriganka Sur of MIT, and Cindi Katz of the City University of New York. Read more…

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