One of the few biographical interviews of Anand. It offers glimpses into the origins, struggles, political vision, and academic and professional achievements of the man. Glimpses into the Life of an Engineer, Scholar, and Public Intellectual

A review of some of Anand Teltumbde’s oeuvre of writings written in the wake of his persecution by the Indian state. Who’s Afraid of Anand Teltumbde?

A brief overview of the case against Anand [coming soon]

On Monday, April 13, 2020, the day before Anand Teltumbde was due to surrender to prison authorities, he wrote an open letter to the people of India detailing how the authorities manufactured prejudice against him and others in the case Read more

On August 28, 2018, Anand’s home was raided by the police in his absence and in violation of his rights. He wrote the following to demonstrate the brazenness of the state’s actions against him. Towards the end he says, “I, like many other people who have been targeted, was not even in the conference. By what stretch of imagination, could I have even been suspected to have connections with these things? The entire episode is based on a letter the police produced, the authenticity of which is far from established. Many people have already expressed serious doubt about its veracity. And on this basis, the police are targeting summarily all intellectuals in the country. They are misusing the draconian laws like the UAPA to terrorize people into silence by targeting select intellectuals and activists.” Read more

Some Solidarity Statements for Dr. Anand Teltumbde