‘Bhima Koregaon Violence Was ‘Pre-Planned’ by Hindutva Groups’

Report by fact-finding committee calls for a SIT probe on police officials who “deliberately failed” to stop the attacks on Dalits. 13 Sept 2018

The Bhima Koregaon violence which broke out in the first week of January this year was a “pre-planned” attack by Hindutva groups on Dalits, concluded a nine-member fact-finding committee led by Siddarth Dhende, deputy mayor of Pune Municipal Corporation. According to the report, which was submitted to the Pune Rural police last week, a year-long conspiracy hatched by Milind Ekbote and Sambhaji Bhide, both leaders of Hindutva outfits, and deliberate failure of both the police and administration, had resulted in the violence in which one Dalit was killed and scores injured.

On January 1, many members from Dalit communities visited Bhima Koregaon village, 30 km from Pune, to mark the 200th anniversary of a battle in 1818, where British troops, comprising mostly Mahar (a Scheduled Caste) soldiers, had defeated the Brahmin Peshwa-led Maratha army. While lakhs of Dalits gathered at Vijay Stambh, a memorial pillar representing the victory of Dalits, mobs of Hindutva groups attacked them. Read more…

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