Chronicle of an arrest foretold: As Anand Teltumbde is about to go to jail, an editor pays tribute – Scroll

“Every thinking Indian is a potential ‘urban Maoist’; it is just the mercy of the police that such Indians are not all under arrest.” [Anand Teltumbde, 30 June 2018, Economic and Political Weekly] To expect such small mercies – because you studied or taught at IITs and IIMs, because you have a PhD in cybernetics, because you chair Big Data Analytics at a premier management institute, and because you are married to Babasaheb Ambedkar’s granddaughter – is clearly folly. The man who wrote against the injustices done to a host of his friends and fellow-travellers is set to join their ranks. Read more

— Anand Teltumbde, 30 June 2018, in ‘Economic and Political Weekly’

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