Injustices of Safoora Zargar’s Bail Order: Court’s reliance on conspiracy over law – the Leaflet

SAFOORA Zargar has been denied bail for the third time. The 27-year-old is a research scholar from Jamia Millia Islamia and is presently over five months pregnant. Zargar was associated with the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC), which had organised weeks of peaceful protests against the CAA. On April 10, more than a month after communal violence broke out in Delhi, she was arrested by the Delhi Police’s Special Cell in connection with the Jafrabad road-block case (FIR 48/2020). Three days later, she was presented before a Magistrate in Mandoli Jail where she was granted bail. On the same day, her name was added to FIR 59/2020. This led to her arrest again and thereby continued her incarceration. Read more

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