Resisting Super Emergency : Online Film Festival


Online Film Festival : Organised by MARUPAKKAM

On 25 June, Thursday from 12 am onwards; for 48 hours only

1) Ammi
Dir : Sunil Kumar; 90 min; Hindi with Eng subtitles; 2018

2) Lynch Nation
Dir: Shaheen Ahmed & Ashfaque EJ; 43 min; Hindi with English subtitles; 2018

3) Hora
Dir: Nachi; 24 min; Marathi, Hindi with English subtitles; 2018

4) Campus Rising
Dir: Yousuf Saeed; 73 mins; Hindi and English with Eng subtitles; 2017

5) Our Gauri
Dir: Deepu; 67 min; Kannada, Hindi and English (subtitles); 2017

6) We, the People
Dir: Samarth Mahajan; 28 min; Multiple Indian languages with Eng subtitles; 2017

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