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Marwan Makhoul is a Palestinian poet, born in 1979 in the village of al-Boquai’a, Upper Galilee, to a Palestinian father and a Lebanese mother. He works in engineering as a managing director of a construction company. He has several published works in poetry, prose and drama, including the poetry collections: Hunter of Daffodils, Land of the Sad Passiflora, Verses the Poems Forgot with Me, Where Is My Mom, and A Letter from the Last Man. For his first play, This Isn’t Noah’s Ark, Makhoul won the best playwright award at The Acre Theatre Festival in 2009. His poetry is also award winning and has appeared worldwide in Arabic publications. Several of his poems have been set to music. Selections from his poetry have been translated into English, Turkish, Italian, German, French, Hebrew, Irish, Serbian, Hindi, Polish, Dutch, Albanian and Macedonian.

Here’s his recent poem, New Gaza, written in the midst of the horrific and genocidal assault on Gaza. The poem has been translated by poets from around the world into several world languages.

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