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Past events organized or co-sponsored by ICWI​

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Reclaiming India Conference 2022: Confronting Caste in Education
Join us for the second annual Reclaiming India Conference, with the topic: Confronting Caste in Education! By registering for the conference, you will have access to the links for both days as well…
Special Congressional Briefing
A special Congressional Briefing held in partnership with Survival International Human Rights Violations Against India's Indigenous Peoples. Wednesday, May 18, at 12 pm ET Watch the May 18 Special Congressional Briefing
Past Events
Dalit Solidarity Forum and ICWI are proud to present three events to commemorate the 50th year anniversary of the founding of the Dalit Panthers. Fifty years ago, the Dalit Panthers used the 25th anniversary…
Conversation with Navkiran Natt
Navkiran Natt is a student-youth activist and film/media researcher who works between Punjab and Delhi, India. She is trained as a dentist and later completed her Masters in Film Studies from Ambedkar University,…
Collective Strength in Collective Voices: Courage in Time of Crisis
In light of the tragedy unfolding in India, one that is disproportionately and catastrophically affecting Dalit and Bahujan communities, and in keeping with Ambedkarite shairi's rebellious and hopeful cultural musical tradition, we will…

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