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ICWI – Newswire 9

Download Newswire 9

Here’s what you will find inside Newswire 9

  • 1. Spotlight: South Asian Dalit Adivasi Network (SADAN), Canada
  • 2. Vidya Bhushan Rawat, Interview with Rana Khan
  • 3. The Compassionate Revolution of Saint Stan Swamy (1937 – 2021), Shaj Mohan and Divya Dwivedi
  • 4. Under the Mango tree, Madhumita Dutta
  • 5. Stan Swamy in the eyes of a Thirteen Year old, Ananya Mamatha Anil
  • 6. This Month in History, Balmurli Natarajan
  • 7. Poetry!


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Indian Civil Watch International (ICWI) is a non-sectarian left diasporic membership-based organization that represents the diversity of India’s people and anchors a transnational network to building radical democracy in India.