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Mid Day: Mumbai: Need probe into Father Stan Swamy’s death, say activists

Dec 23, 2022

We will not let Father Stan Swamy*s death go without investigation,” said members of Mumbai Rises to Save Democracy (MSRD), a forum of several democratic rights, civil society and people*s organisations. MSRD in a press conference on Thursday cited how the only data found against Swamy is said to have been planted, and demanded the release of human rights defenders falsely charged and imprisoned in the Bhima Koregaon case. They also called for the repeal of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Read more

“Not only the evidence was fabricated, but he was treated very badly while in custody. Fr Stan had to struggle and fight for a sipper when he was sick. There is absolutely no humanity in the way he was treated by the authorities. Despite being down with Covid-19, he was not treated. The idea of sending him to jail was to kill him.” – Father Frazer Mascarenhas

“Mining is a big industry there and Fr Stan*s fight to secure tribals’ rights was badly affecting corporates. His arrest was because of the state acting at the behest of these corporates. – Father Frazer Mascarenhas”

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