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Reclaiming India Conference 2022: Confronting Caste in Education

By registering for the conference, you will have access to the links for both days as well as for the film screening all panels.​
Full Schedule

Day 1 of the conference will feature middle and high school students speaking about their experiences as Dalit students in both government and private schools in India.

  • Panel 1: Carrying the Burden of Caste to School: Middle Schoolers Speak Out
  • Panel 2: High School Dreams and the Shadow of Caste

Day 2 of the conference will feature college and graduate students sharing their experiences related to caste in higher education in India, the UK and the US.

  • Panel 3: Caste Stigma in College Hallways and Beyond
  • Panel 4: Breaking Caste Barriers: Stories of Resilience

Day 3 of the conference will feature a screening of the award-winning film, Maadathy: An Unfairy Tale, directed by Leena Manimekalai.

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