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Sacred Circle of Dalit Truths

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This Dalit History Month, don’t miss the Sacred Circle of Dalit Truths, which introduces listeners to works of prose, poetry, and fiction embodying Dalit cultures and identities, in a special vigil held in the format of the Sacred Circle, drawing on Indigenous American traditions.
Renowned Dalit Tamil novelist Bama will read from her classic work, Sangati. She will be joined by Rev. Dr. Evangeline Rajkumar; ICWI Board Members, Rev. Dr. Sarah Anderson and Prof. Roja Suganthy-Singh; and young poets and artists Nivedhan, Eklan, Saara, and Thaai children from Pudukottai—Gomathi and Bhuvaneshwari. The presenters will read passages from Annhilation of Caste, Spotted Goddess, and pieces of their own prose and poetry. Prof. Roja Suganthy-Singh will preside. Translations will be provided.


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