The Wire: Surendra Gadling’s Computer Was Attacked, Incriminating Documents Planted: Arsenal Consulting

Sukanya Shantha

The Wire

Forensic digital investigations have raised serious questions about the Elgar Parishad investigation.

Mumbai: For over 20 months, lawyer and human rights defender Surendra Gadling’s computer was attacked and surveilled upon, and incriminating documents were planted on it. Gadling, one of the first people to be arrested among the 16 human rights activists, lawyers and academics in custody in the ongoing Elgar Parishad case, was cyber attacked since February 16, 2016 – two years before he was finally arrested on June 6, 2018. Fourteen significant documents, on the basis of which the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has held him in jail for over three years, were planted on his computer using a malware NetWire. Read more

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