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ICWI – Newswire 14

Here’s what you will find inside Newswire 14

  1. Father Stan Death Anniversary: US Resolution, Global Parliamentarians Condemn India Human Rights Record

  2. H.Res.1219 — 117th Congress (2021-2022) – Honoring the life and legacy of Father Stan.

  3. Jacobin: The Struggle Against Caste Oppression Is a Vital Battleground for Indian Democracy, by Prachi Patankar.

  4. The ghost of 2002 will continue to haunt India.

  5. The Quint: Zubair, Teesta, Bhima Koregaon ‘Evidence’: Why are India’s Institutions Silent?

  6. Book Review: From Alpa Shah’s book, Nightmarch: Among India’s Revolutionary Guerrillas Some questions for the world revolutionary movement

  7. Book Review: “This Life”- By Martin Hagglund- A New Look at the Secular, on Liberalism, and on Marx.

Co-Organized by: Front Line Defenders, Hindus for Human Rights, the Humanism Project, India Civil Watch International, and Survival International. Co-sponsored by: Adivasi Lives Matter, Dalit Solidarity Forum, the Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America (FIACONA), and the Indian American Muslim Council. July 5, 2022 – Today, US Rep. Juan Vargas announced the introduction of a resolution, co-sponsored …Read More

On July 5th, 2022 – the first anniversary of the custodial murder of Father Stan Swamy by the Indian state – the United States House of Representatives introduced a Resolution (H.Res 1219) “Honoring the life and legacy of Father Stan, a prominent human rights activist who died while in custody of the Indian state on July 5, 2021, and encouraging …Read More

By Prachi Patankar For several generations, India’s Dalits and other oppressed groups have fought for equal rights against upper-caste domination. The history of their courageous struggles can inspire resistance against Narendra Modi’s Hindutva repression today. As it marks its seventy-fifth year of independence, India is enduring an authoritarian turn which has ruptured the country’s foundational claims to secularist diversity and …Read More

NEVER FORGET GUJARAT 2002! Image source: Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) Tyranny will never stop until it is stopped. This is a truth that anybody with basic democratic sensibilities can easily embrace. True to form the Modi regime, now armed with the power of the highest levels of government including a pliant judiciary, has shocked the world by arresting …Read More

How much longer before the cloud hanging over India’s democratic record today morphs into a shroud? Seema Chishti Published: 28 Jun 2022, 3:21 PM IST Excerpt: India has prided itself on its record of an independent judiciary and an evolved network of institutions that safeguard democracy. It has maintained that a human rights commission and a ‘vibrant’ and free press …Read More

A special Congressional Briefing held in partnership with Survival International Human Rights Violations Against India’s Indigenous Peoples. Wednesday, May 18, at 12 pm ET Watch the May 18 Special Congressional Briefing…Read More

Image shows the cover of Nightmarch by Alpa ShahFrom Alpa Shah’s book, Nightmarch: Among India’s Revolutionary Guerrillas Some questions for the world revolutionary movement Translated from French Alpa Shah Le livre de la jungle insurgée. Plongée dans la guérilla naxalite en Inde Préface de Naïké Desquesnes, éditrice, Editions de La dernière lettre, 2022 gustave massiah 1 June 2022 I am very happy and honored to share in her … Read More

By EssKay This Life: Secular Faith & Spiritual Freedom is a new book by the Swedish philosopher and thinker Martin Hagglund. Published in 2019, the book has been reviewed extensively and continues to make waves ( The New Yorker, Marx and Philosophy, The Guardian, Sydney Review of Books, etc.) There are a few reasons why it has become such a … Read More

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