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ICWI – Newswire 7

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Download Newswire 7

Here’s what you will find inside Newswire 7

  1. 1. Doing “Sewa” for the Sangh: COVID19 Relief Funds and Sewa International
  2. 2. List of progressive organizations providing Covid relief in India that you might consider supporting
  3. 3. This Month in History
  4. 4. Palestine Lives!
  5. 5. Spotlight: South Asia Solidarity Group
  6. 6. Conversation with Satya Sivaraman
  7. 7. A Page full of poetry
  8. 8. Tribute to Aziz Choudry
  9. 9. Remembering Mahavir Narwal
  10. 10. Red Salute Com. Mythili Sivaraman!
  11. 11. Lakshadweep under saffron assault


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Indian Civil Watch International (ICWI) is a non-sectarian left diasporic membership-based organization that represents the diversity of India’s people and anchors a transnational network to building radical democracy in India.