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ICWI – Newswire 13

Here’s what you will find inside Newswire 13

  1. Dalit Panthers 50th Anniversary events

  2. May Day – Remembering the legacy of Singaravelu and India’s first May Day.

  3. Sudha Bhardwaj: Seventy-Five Years Since Independence, Industrial Working Class Still Struggles for Rights (The

  4. New Works by ICWI members!

  5. Poetry for May Day

  6. Obituary: Friends and Colleagues Remember Pierre Beaudet (1950-2022)

Dalit Solidarity Forum and ICWI are proud to present three events to commemorate the 50th year anniversary of the founding of the Dalit Panthers.

Fifty years ago, the Dalit Panthers used the 25th anniversary of India’s independence to put forward a dream for liberation, not only for India’s Dalits but for all the historically oppressed communities. They posed the question: What did independence mean for India’s Dalits? In this year, even as the Indian government flaunts all its achievements on 75 years of India’s independence, we want to revisit the dreams of the Dalit Panthers: What are the real questions we should be asking of India’s people? What is the real progress India has made in 75 years and for whom? What should the future look like and how do we shape it?

It is to answer these questions that we are featuring a range of Dalit, Bahujan, Adivasi, and Vimukt voices, through events and videos on social media.

He has been in the news recently, speaking out at Congressional hearings about the alarming situation in India in this regard. Here, Dr. Stanton shares the history of his organization, and his views on how to counter genocidal threats, in a conversation with ICWI’s Rana Khan.

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“The first May Day celebration ever in India took place in Madras under the Labour Kisan Party of Singaravelu and the red flag was unfurled for the first time in India in 1923.” Documents of the History of the Communist Party of India, Vol 2, 1923-25 Read More

Sudha Bhardwaj provides a sobering analysis of the state of affairs plaguing the Indian working class, 75 years after independence. The silence of the government in responding to the demands of the working class is deafening. Excerpt: “Today, in a time when only a tiny percent of the working people are unionised, and various sections of the unorganised sector are …


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Here are three excellent new works by ICWI’s members! The Stories Around Us, by Rana Khan, focuses on how South Asian communities in Toronto, Canada grapple with the challenges of mental health. Ten South Asian women shared their stories that offer glimpses into various facets of mental health, but at the same time reveal the common struggles and challenges faced …

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The Red Flag
Martín Espada

The newspapers said the strikers would hoist the red flag of anarchy over the silk mills of Paterson. At the strike meeting, a dyers’ helper from Naples rose as if from the steam of his labor, lifted up his hand and said here is the red flag: brightly stained with dye for the silk of …

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FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES REMEMBER PIERRE BEAUDET (1950-2022) Judy Rebick Source: “Pierre was a great leader, an extraordinary thinker and had a big heart. The world will miss Pierre greatly.” Just when we needed him most to explain how the global political reality will change with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Pierre Beaudet, one of Canada’s most brilliant progressive thinkers …

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